External Hard Drive,Your Recovery Expert

Nowadays, your digital life may consist of digital photos, music, and videos from your camcorder, and they're all stored very near your fingertips, on the 160GB - 500GB hard drive in your PC. But when you have a problem with your PC, you have to take it to the repair center, and reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows or Mac OS X. At that situation, your memories, your treasures and your digital life are surely all gone. However, you can avoid this by using an external hard drive.With capacities of 160GB to 500 GB, the external hard drive will let you back up all of your memories, and let you save it in a safe place, or use it to transfer your files to another computer.

In terms of the size, there is one sentence which can conclude, that is: small size, big wisdom. The smaller portable drive is easy to move, just put it in your pocket or using a laptop bag. While even the 500GB drive is just the size of woman’s makeup bag.

An external hard drive usually has three main purposes: first one is to expand your computer's storage capacity; second one is to backup your data and the third one is to share data between computers. It's very easy to use. What you need to do is just to plug it into the computer and then use it as an internal hard drive.

Generally, desktop external hard drives are based on the 3.5-inch internal hard drives and laptop external hard drives which are portable are based on the 2.5-inch internal hard drives.

An external hard drive connected to a computer often through these types of interfaces: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, FireWire 400,FireWire 800, and eSATA. However, laptop external hard drives are often bus-powered, which means that what it requires is only one cable for both data and power connections. Among those interfaces, the fastest interface is eSATA, which is theoretically as fast as your internal SATA hard drives, but the pity is so far support is limited to a few high-end motherboards or an add-on card which you may need to buy separately.

Finally, let’s take The 500GB 2.5" External Hard Drive as an example. Well, it's a hard drive so it's not going to drive your car, play MP3 or mp4 and tell you how to get places, but it will hold all of your important, shouldn't that be enough?

This external drive is stylish, has a nice durable body, including a stand. In addition to its physical properties, the drive provides the best solution to keep data between different computers or to carry important information securely and conveniently. Further more, the high speed compatible USB 2.0 external hard drive can backup large amount of data files, and the stylish aluminum alloy casing design provides heat dissipation.

This external drive is idea for editors, musicians, filmmakers or those who just have a lot of memory and need to carry it around from computer to computer. It's sturdy, safe and works well, what else could you want in a hard drive, aside from a hug once in a while?