Digital Voice Recorders

So you want to record conversation, phone calls or something like that? Then go ahead. Tapes last shorter than digital voice recorders, also you can't feed a tape into a PC, can you? While Digital voice recorders are the solution, especially for busy business people who want to record notes, meetings, and ideas without the fuss and bother of tapes and also need a long recording time.

For the most part, digital voice recorders are business oriented product but they can also be utilized by the common consumer. They're helpful for you to take notes on things you need to remember, or remind you of what you need to do. In a word, they can be used for anything you can think of to record on them, they got pretty much unlimited uses, even for writing a book, a voice recorder can come in very handy to take notes about ideas that pop into your head suddenly.

There are many features that you can find on voice recorders, following are some which you may like to get your eyes on.


Design may be the first important but sensible factor when considering a recorder, especially for girls. To capture these demands, there are a huge number of digital voice recorders which owned sleek and stylish design, also compact and portable, which is perfect to be taken to anywhere and used to record conversations, classes or conferences.

Recording Time and Format

Recording Time is obvious thing you'll want to pay attention to. you don’t want to run out of memory in the middle of a class, conference or the moment you are taking notes of your novel which is about to finish, do you? Of cause not. Aiming at this, some recorders have been equipped with a memory card slot, so that users can expand the on-board storage capacity. In terms of recording format, the MP3 format is the most easily read and utilized by any computer. Besides, the WAV and ASF are also quite common.

Interface and Software

Interface and Software are something else you need to set your eye on, especially for those need to transfer their recordings to a computer, but can’t achieve without some special software or drivers. In this situation, you should consider get a USB connection. In addition, many recorders come with software installed on your PC that is used to transcribe your notes automatically. In this case, you should note that whether the voice recorders have the ability to be connected to a PC.

Sound Quality

All voice recorders bundled with Microphones, some microphones are built-in style, while some are with large size which are more sensitive and can be removed. Some digital voice recorders also have the ability to attach several external microphones if it’s need, usually using in conference or meetings in order to make sure everyone gets heard.

Battery Life

The last but not the least important thing is the battery life. Users of cause don't want to run out of juice in the middle of a conference or class. Some recorders now have the option of purchasing a rechargeable battery pack, so you could have more than one battery with you, and some are rechargeable come with a charger which is even more humanized.

Generally, capturing message in meetings, classes or anywhere the mood strikes; helping children avoid he said, she said situations in custody cases; documenting traffic stops or notes at crime scenes by law enforcement, etc, digital voice recorder, anyone can put it to work. So maybe it’s time for you to raise passion, follow fashion now!

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