Let Spy Watch Vary Your Life

Fancy yourself a spy watch? Now you can have one which disguises as a wristwatch. You can wear it at parties and then show your friends the video; you can gather video evidence for one reason or another secretly and discretely with this spy watch; you can use it into law enforcement or private investigators. In addition, it is also a great item as a gift for the important persons in your life.

Elegant and stylish design
The watch is actually a very nicely built timepiece. It has elegant and stylish design with all round metal strap for covert surveillance video recording; it also has accurate, gear driven time in seconds, minutes and hours; it has a back clasp design in order to easily take the watch or put it off; it has a twisting crown for you to adjust the time. Both spy watch and ordinary one can tell you the exact time and they have nearly the same surface, therefore, maybe you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them. However, if you take a close look you will find there is an ocean of difference between these two types.

The structure
This spy watch is an incredible piece of technology which puts a video camera, still camera, a microphone, and a digital video recorder into a normal watch. The ON/OFF switch is on the left side of the watch, below is the USB port at 9 position, and the RESET button is just under the ON/OFF switch. The microphone and the time adjustment places are on the opposite side. While the small pin camera hide right under the 3 on the face.In term of the function button, the power jack is hidden under a button and the other buttons also typically be used to control the features of spy watches.

How to use
You can turn on the status light which is located at the very top of the dial by simply pressing the ON/OFF button for a few seconds, and the tiny blue light you can see is stand-by mode where you always return before turn the watch off.After the watch starting, the record mode will become greenish yellow, the watch will record in 30 minute increments until the battery run off, typically it can last 60-90 minutes. You can stop recording at any time by pushing the ON/OFF button again, and back to stand-by mode. If you want to turn off it, just hold down the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds until the blue light twinkle green.

I recommend that you wear it on your left hand. For it's easier to use by left hand, because you can control the ON/OFF switch with your left fore finger naturally, while with the right hand, you have to curve your right fore finger around the top of the watch to reach that button. And what you need to make sure is that you are pointing the face of the camera exactly at what you want to shoot. In terms of sharing your own spy product, just connect to the USB port with the cable provided and download the video files to view, copy, or share with others.

However, just like you never know when someone is actually spying you, you will of course feel scary. And now if you own one, you can do the same thing. So just go out of your way for others and spy responsibly.

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