Digital Camera Battery

When you are using a power hungry digital camera, you may found that it’s critical to use the right battery. So the most important thing you need to do is to learn about various types of batteries.
In general, you have two choices when it comes to digital camera batteries: non-rechargeable batteries and rechargeable batteries. Followings are some details.

Non-rechargeable camera batteries
These batteries are designed for cameras that don’t take standard batteries. For those cameras, non-rechargeable batteries have the advantages of convenience and easy purchasing. However, for those persons who take a lot of photographs, undoubtedly, it’s fairly expensive.

Non-rechargeable camera batteries are usually divided into three types: Alkalines batteries, Lithium batteries and Nickel oxy hydroxide batteries.

Alkalines batteries:
Alkalines batteries are the most widely available ones among the non-rechargeable battery types with a cheap price, and they are also great in a pinch. However, this type will easily become drained of power within an hour or even less of shooting.

Camera Battery
Lithium batteries:
Although the price of lithium batteries is relatively high and they can not be recharged, they are portable with seven times more power than standard alkalines. In addition, they have a very long shelf life and work well in hostile environment.

Camera Battery
Nickel oxy hydroxide batteries:
Compared with Alkalines batteries, with the same price, Nickel oxy hydroxide batteries can provide up to twice the performance of high-end alkaline batteries, which will allow you take about two times as many photos as ordinary alkalines.

If you always use non-rechargeable batteries, you surely have met such problems: your digital camera wore the batteries out in about a week or even less than a week. Therefore, rechargeable is the best way to go unless you want to be purchasing batteries in bulk.

Camera BatteryRechargeable camera batteries:
Rechargeable batteries are good for about 500 to 1000 charges. As for the types, there are two categories: standard and proprietary. Many digital cameras use standard batteries while there are still some others which require proprietary Lithium-Ion batteries.

In terms of standard type, let’s take Rechargeable AA batteries for example. Rechargeable AA batteries for digital cameras are also called Nickel Metal Hydride. They are currently the most popular because they provide large capacity and don’t suffer from memory effect. These batteries can be recharged hundreds of times with a basic charger that costs only about $20. They are not very expensive, and if your batteries run out in some remote location, you can consider buy this one.

Compared to rechargeable AA batteries, proprietary Lithium-Ion batteries hold a charge for a very long time, especially with digital cameras that use more battery power. In addition to the advantage, Lithium-Ion batteries are also very compact. But they usually have a custom charger that only works for the battery type. The packs are also only compatible with certain camera models. You can't use a Sony Lithium Ion battery pack in a Canon digital camera and vice versa.

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