Earphones review

If you are looking for a good earphone with crystal clear sound, please keep reading, we know the perfect set of earphones for you. First of all, you should make yourself clear that how many kinds of earphones and what kind of earphone you want to purchase.

In order to cater for different kinds of listening situations and listeners’ needs, there are many different types of earphone designs. Generally, earphones can be divided into three separate categories: on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and ear-clip headphones.

On-ear headphones:
On-ear headphones were the earliest headphone form designed, also know as ear-pad headphones, they rest on the exterior of the ear and run the gamut from inexpensive portables to high-end home models. They come with some advantages, for example:

On-ear headphone are more comfortable when compared with in-ear phones;

On-ear headphone are less prone to overheating ears than ear-clip headphones;Some on-ear headphones can be fold up which make transportation easier.

But every coin has two sides, on-ear headphones are not an exception. On-ear headphones are less effective noise isolation than in-ear models and are less powerful bass when compared with ear-clip models.

In-ear headphones
In-ear headphone also known as earbuds, it commonly issued as freebie’ phones with portable players, but headphones with higher performance can offer sonics that reval full-size models. In addition, there are some key features of in-ear headphones which may arouse your interest.

Firstly, in-ear headphones are untracompact and lightweight, so it’s portable and convenient; secondly, they can provide moderate to excellent isolation from external noise, so it’s no doubt a good choice when you are commuting in a busy road; thirdly, they have little or no interference with earrings, glasses, hats or hairstyles.

However, the sound quality and bass response of in-ear headphones are often not comparable to those of on-ear headphones. And it’s uncomfortable and counterintuitive for many people to put foreign objects in their ears. Besides, it will cause discomfort over periods of extended use.

Ear-clip headphones
Ear-clip headphones also know as sports headphones, so if you are a sport enthusiast, maybe this type of earphones will appeal to you. For example, when you are jogging, the last thing you want to do is completely block out the noise around you.

Like the in-ear headphones, the behind-neck designs of ear-clip headphones won’t interfere with your hairstyle, your glasses or your hat. Besides, ear-clip models will always stay steadily during your running or jogging.

However, a great many of stylish and slender headphone designs aren’t all that durable; also, the behind-neck design of ear-clip headphones will exert higher amount of pressure on your ears, which will make you feel uncomfortable.

All in all, earphone selection is much like buying a pair of shoes, you like your shoes because they fit your foot, whereas I like mine for the simple reason that it looks nice. But whatever the reason is, the most important point you should keep in mind is that what situation you want to use the earphone and which type of earphone will cater for your needs.

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